Car Owners

    You're a successful, accomplished individual. You enjoy luxury and sports cars, and own one. Like many of us, you don't use it all the time. Why not share it with other members within a safe, secure community and generate income that will pay for the car, the gas and other running expenses? Many members are able to pay for their monthly car payments simply by renting out their car for a handful of days each month. The average car owner makes $8000 a year with Rent2buy.

    How do you screen potential renters to protect my car?

    Each Rent2buy renter has been screened for a clean driving record (no DUIs, limited tickets or accidents) and good credit history. They pay a security deposit and are liable for additional damages. They are good, responsible people who agree to treat your car well. Learn More.

    How does Insurance work?

    Rent2buy works with a A++ rated National Insurance carrier that provides upto $1 million in insurance per rental in compliance with California and Oregon Car-sharing state laws. The insurance is comprehensive and covers everything a typical auto insurance policy covers (theft, damage, accident, liability etc). If anything happens to your car while it's rented out, you are fully covered under our insurance policy. Learn More.

    Can I rent other cars too?

    Of course. As a car owner, membership fees are waived for you. You are welcome to rent any of our other cars on the website. It's a great way to experience awesome cars and meet car enthusiasts like you.

    Do I get to decide who can rent my car?

    Yes. For each rental, you'll receive a rental request with information on the renter (age, past history etc). You can review their profile, ratings and comments and decide if you approve of this person driving your car.

    What should I charge for my car?

    When adding a new car, we suggest pricing based on the estimated current market value of the car. You can revise this up or down. It's helpful to look at similar cars in your area and see what they are renting out for. Cheaper pricing will attract more rentals.